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We strive to make placing an order at shimmerandstone.com as quick and easy as possible. There is no need to create any account or register with us prior to placing your order. Shimmer & Stone also accepts Phone Orders and Mail-In Orders.

1. Browse Our Website and Find Your Products

You can find items on our site by browsing through our main categories (Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings and Accessories by using our top navigation bar of each page on our website. Once in a main category you can then further browse through subcategories, collections or by designer by clicking on links displayed on the side navigation bar in these sub-category sections.

You can also use our site SEARCH facility to find your products quickly. Our SEARCH is found on almost every product related page on our site and can be located at the top left hand side of the side navigation bar each page. Simply enter the description or keywords relating to an item or topic you are looking for, and all related pages on our site containing your search terms will be displayed for you to click through to.

When you find an item that interests you, click the image or title/name of that item to see its product information page. Here you will find more information about the item, including an availability estimate of how long it will take before the item will be ready to ship out.

2. Add Items To Your Shopping Cart

To purchase a product, click the "Add to Shopping Bag" button located on the right side of the product information page. You will be taken to your shopping cart which will display the item and the quantity of that item you have added.

Use the "Keep Shopping" link to continue shopping until your shopping bag contains all of the items you want to order. You can access and edit the contents of your Shopping Bag at any time by clicking the "Shopping Bag" button at the top navigation bar of every page of our store.  Keep in mind that your Shopping Bag isn't permanent. If you put things in your bag and leave the site, your bag will be emptied.

3. Checking Out

Once you have added all the items you wish to purchase to your Shopping Bag click on the "Shopping Bag" button on the top navigation bar to enter your Shopping Bag if you are on another page in the site.

Take a moment to review all the contents of your Shopping Bag. If you wish to remove any items from your Shopping Bag simply click on the "Remove" link under the item or items you wish to remove.

When you are ready to place your order for everything in your Shopping Bag click the "Checkout" button.

4. Shipping Information

Enter your shipping information telling us who and what address you want your order shipped to. Do not forget to include a phone number with this information. This phone number will be used by our order processing department to contact you should they have to clarify any details regarding your order.

Select your preferred shipping option by clicking on a selection from the "Choose Shipping Method" drop down menu. The cost per shipping method is clearly marked for your reference, and will be added to your subtotal once selected.

You can also select to have your item Gift Wrapped and include a Gift Card with Message. Simply select the Gift Wrap option, and type in your message exactly how you would want it to appear on your gift card.

Click on the "Continue" button to proceed to enter your payment information.

5. Payment Information

Once you enter the Payment page you can see your order total including shipping charges (and sales tax if applicable) on the right hand side of your screen.

Review your invoice and proceed to select your credit card and enter the information requested.  You will also have to provide your credit card billing name and address if it is different to the person and address you are shipping to

Be sure to enter your email address to where you would like your order details, invoice and tracking information sent to. Also if you have any discount or special offer coupon codes issued by Shimmer & Stone Jewelry or our affiliate partners you can submit it here and the discount or special offer will be applied to your order total.

Click on the "Continue" button to proceed.

6. Review your Order and Submitted Information

You will now be able to review your order details and check the accuracy of your submitted shipping and payment information. Once checked, click on the "Submit Order" button to place your order.

7. Order Confirmation

Once you have submitted your order, wait a few seconds for the order confirmation page to display. This confirmation page will show your order details and shipping information along with your order number.

You would have been sent an email confirming your order details and invoice to the email address you submitted during check out.

An additional email will be sent to you once your order has been shipped out.


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For customers who do not wish to submit their credit card information online or wish to use a money order to make payment, simply print out and fill in our Mail-In Order form.

Click Here To View Order Form

We also recommend that you contact customer service by e-mail or call customer service at 1-888-85-STONE with the item number and/or description of the jewelry you are interested in so we can reserve the merchandise for you till payment arrives.  If customer service has not been advised of your mail-in-order details, we cannot guarantee that the merchandise you wish to order will be in stock when we receive payment.

  • We will ship your merchandise upon receipt of payment.
  • If you are using a money order, please make it out to: Shimmer & Stone, Inc
  • Mail Order Form and Payment To :

    Shimmer & Stone, Inc
    325 W.38th Street
    Suite 909
    New York, NY 10018

* For more information please feel free to contact customer service at info@shimmerandstone.com or at 1-888-85-STONE (Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm EST)

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We encourage you to order online for the fastest possible service, as our customer service representatives are only available Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm (EST). Should you wish to place your order over the phone, please feel free to call in your order by calling a customer service toll-free at 1-888-85-STONE.

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Our online store is updated many times a day to reflect correct product availability. Items that have recently been sold out will be marked SOLD OUT and you will not be able to ad those items to your Shopping Bag. However products may get sold out while you are in the checkout phase.

Even though you may have added an item to your shopping bag, another customer may have completed their order for the final item in stock minutes before. In such a case your order will reflect this unavailable item, but order processing will contact you via email informing you that a certain item you have ordered is out of stock, and advise you on expected availability.

If an item is not shipped to you you will NOT be charged for it. The item will be removed from your order and invoice and your credit card will only be charged for the items shipped out to you.

If you are in any way uncertain an item, availability or any other details please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-888-85-STONE (Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm EST) or email us at info@shimmerandstone.com.

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If you are in any way uncertain about making a payment or any other details please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-888-85-STONE (Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm EST) or email us at info@shimmerandstone.com.

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