1. What type of silver is my necklace made from?

Our men's silver necklaces are all made from solid .925 sterling silver designed for a balanced thickness and weight.

Sterling silver or .925 silver is the standard for high-quality silver jewelry which consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper which adds strength and durability to the metal.

This is done because pure or 'fine' silver is relatively soft and very malleable. It is therefore, commonly combined with other metals to improve it's hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color. Sterling silver also will not wear down, as silver plating can.

Learn more about Sterling Silver on Wikipedia

2. Will my sterling silver necklace tarnish?

Each of our sterling silver necklaces are treated with a slight coating of 'anti-tarnish' to prevent rapid tarnishing. However, like all authentic sterling silver jewelry, oxidization (or tarnishing) due to exposure of the acidity in the air does take place over time.

However, getting rid of the tarnish is relatively simple and can be done by wiping the item vigorously with a dry soft cloth.

Preventing Rapid Tarnishing:

It is important to note, that sterling silver jewelry will tarnish very much faster if exposed directly to acidic or alkali substances (e.g. perfume sprayed directly on the item or if worn while taking a swim in a chlorine treated pool) and if stored in direct sunlight.

Silver also tends to tarnish very rapidly on certain people due to high acidity levels in their sweat. There is no adverse physical reaction but the acidity will cause very rapid tarnishing and turn silver items worn close to the skin black in color.

3. I am allergic to Nickel will there be a problem?

No. Our men's silver necklaces are NOT treated or plated with Nickel or Rhodium unless noted on the item detail page.

It is important to note that nickel or rhodium plated silver has the tendency of reacting with certain peoples skin. Nickel and Rhodium plating are used to prevent the underlying silver from tarnishing, but as mentioned does react adversely with certain peoples skins resulting in a rash. The rash is in fact an irritation and will go away very quickly if you discontinue wearing that item against the skin.

If you have worn silver in the past and have noticed it turn black/yellow rather quickly, it is possible that you have a high level of acidity in your sweat, and will find it difficult to wear silver jewelry due to the rapid tarnishing that takes place when silver is worn against the skin.

There is no harm that will come from wearing silver, but the item will discolor very rapidly and in some cases, as mentioned, turn black in color.

4. How do I clean and care for my silver necklace?

To clean your silver necklace, simply use any non-textured, soft cloth and vigorously rub the item and the tarnishing will come off relatively easily.

Avoid Scratching:

Be careful not to use a hard or textured fabric like a dishwashing cloth for instance, as that will cause significant scratching of your necklace and pendant.

Extreme Tarnishing:

If tarnishing is very apparent and not coming off easily, which may happen as your necklace gets older, or due to exposure to an oxidizing agent, you can use silver jewelry cleaner, which is a liquid that is widely available in any drugstore. Simply dip your necklace into the solution, take it out and wipe it clean.

NOTE: Do not use brass or gold cleaner on silver.


To care for your necklace, store it in it's box or in a drawer so it is are not exposed to light when you are not wearing the necklace. Also avoid spraying perfume directly on the necklace as that will cause tarnishing.


Also try not to swim or bathe with your silver jewelry on, as chlorine, soap and shampoo can cause tarnishing if the item is not cleaned and dried off properly.

5. How do I get an idea of the weight of a particular necklace?

The approximate weight of each men's silver necklace is stated on the item page. The weight is listed in grams, and reflects that of the pendant and chain together.

As imagining the weight of something without being able to feel it is difficult, for comparison, we recommend the following:

  1. A quarter coin (25 cent) in your hand, weighs approximately 5.67 grams.
  2. If an item weighs 34 grams for example . . . it would be close to the weight of 6 quarters.

6. How do I select the correct chain size?

Selecting the "correct" chain size is actually a matter of personal preference which depends on where you want the cross to fall when worn.

What if I select the wrong chain size?

We do not want you to stress over selecting a wrong chain size . . . so, you can always EXCHANGE YOUR CHAIN WITHIN 30-DAYS OF RECEIPT for a different length of the same style. Send it to us and we will ship back your exchange at no additional cost to you.

Size Selection Guide:

Firstly, consider the person wearing the necklace and where they would like the cross to fall or hang. If you know the neck or collar size of the individual wearing the item you can get an idea of where the cross will fall.

For instance a person with a 16 or 16.5 inch neck/collar size wearing a 24 inch chain will have the cross fall about 4 inches from the collar-bone, a 30 inch chain will have the cross fall about 6 inches and a 34 inch chain will have the cross fall about 9 inches from the collar-bone.

Shown are approximate lengths of where a 20", a 24" and a 30" chain would fall.

  • 20 inch chain size
  • 24 inch chain size
  • 30 inch chain size

If you have a specific question regarding chain size selection please do not hesitate to contact customer service at 888 85 STONE (+ 1 212 564 9175) for a recommendation.

7. If I am not happy with a necklace, can I return it?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and if you are unhappy with your necklace (and, it has NOT been engraved or personalized) you have up to 30-days (from receipt of your order) to return your necklace for a full refund of it's purchase price as per your invoice*. Shipping charges and/or taxes will not be refunded.

For more details please view our 30-day return policy.

Please Note: Engraved Items Cannot be Returned.

* Returned items will only qualify for a refund only if they are returned in their original, undamaged condition with it's packaging intact. Should an item be returned after wear and shows visible scratches and discoloration due to use, the return will not qualify for a refund, even if it is sent back.

8. Can I get a necklace engraved?

Yes! Several of our men's sterling silver necklaces can be engraved online.

Locating Engraving Details:

You can find the engraving details for each cross necklace on it's item page.

Locate and click on the 'View Engraving Details' Link* under the description and specifications of the item on the right-hand-side of the item page.

* Please note that this link generates a pop-up window displaying the engraving options and details. If you have a pop-up blocker you will have to disable it or hold the CTRL key while clicking the link.

Submitting your engraving text:

To submit your engraving, type in your text as you would like it to appear engraved in the fields provided on the item page. You can also:

  • Select your preferred engraving font style (view font styles)
  • Engraving orientation (Horizontal i.e. like a sentence - OR - Vertical i.e. each letter will be under another like a vertical column)

Then click the add to shopping bag button.

Engraving Help:

If you require additional letters to be engraved than allowed online or require personal assistance in placing your order, please do not hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-888-85-STONE (Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm).

9. How long will it take for my necklace to be engraved?

Engraving usually takes 1 to 2 business days before the order is shipped out.

Engraving Schedule

  • Order Placed on Monday . . . Ships Out on Thursday
  • Order Placed on Tuesday . . . Ships Out on Friday
  • Order Placed on Wednesday . . . Ships Out on Monday
  • Order Placed on Thursday . . . Ships Out on Tuesday
  • Order Placed on Friday . . . Ships Out on Wednesday
  • Order Placed on Saturday . . . Ships Out on Wednesday
  • Order Placed on Sunday . . . Ships Out on Wednesday

Special Engraving Requests:

We also offer custom line engraving on certain men's silver necklaces.

Custom Line Engraving refers to line art or illustrations (e.g. line drawn logos, drawings, handwriting, signature . . . any art drawn with lines but no shading or fill). If you would like to incorporate special engraving to your purchase it will take additional time to create the plates necessary to process that engraving (e.g. 2 to 7 business days).

To request special engraving, please call customer service toll-free at 1-888-85-STONE for an estimation of cost and processing times.

10. If I am in a HURRY . . . how fast can I get my order engraved and delivered to me?

If you are in a hurry and request 'Next Day Shipping', it will take 1 business day to process your engraving before shipment of your order. 11am is the cut-off time for next day shipments.



  • Order Placed on Monday . . . Ships Out Tuesday . . . Delivery on Wednesday
  • Order Placed on Tuesday . . . Ships Out Wednesday . . . Delivery on Thursday
  • Order Placed on Wednesday . . . Ships Out Thursday . . . Delivery on Friday
  • Order Placed on Thursday . . . Ships Out Friday . . . Delivery on Monday
  • Order Placed on Friday . . . Ships Out Monday . . . Delivery on Tuesday
  • Order Placed on Saturday . . . Ships Out Tuesday . . . Delivery on Wednesday
  • Order Placed on Sunday . . . Ships Out Tuesday . . . Delivery on Wednesday



  • Order Placed on Monday . . . Ships Out Wednesday . . . Delivery on Thursday
  • Order Placed on Tuesday . . . Ships Out Thursday . . . Delivery on Friday
  • Order Placed on Wednesday . . . Ships Out Friday . . . Delivery on Monday
  • Order Placed on Thursday . . . Ships Out Friday . . . Delivery on Monday
  • Order Placed on Friday . . . Ships Out Tuesday . . . Delivery on Wednesday
  • Order Placed on Saturday . . . Ships Out Tuesday . . . Delivery on Wednesday
  • Order Placed on Sunday . . . Ships Out Tuesday . . . Delivery on Wednesday

11. Will the engraving on my necklace wear off?

No, our engraving is done by a professional engraver who makes sure that the engraving is appropriately deep enough to be clear and durable so that it will not wear-off.

12. What is there is a mistake with my engraving?


Although engraved items cannot be returned . . . if we have made an error with your engraving ( i.e. if the engraving is different to what you have requested on your order) we will re-engrave another necklace for you and ship it out to you at no additional cost and along with a pre-paid shipping box to send back the incorrectly engraved item.

Should you have questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact customer service via phone at 1-888-85-STONE or email us at your convenience.

13. How will my necklace come packaged?

You will receive your necklace in it's very own black leather flip-top necklace box as shown below. this will in-turn will be securely packed inside a corrugated shipping box.

cross necklace packaging

Want to Gift your order to someone?

If you are gifting this item we recommend selecting our "Gift Wrapping" option.

Our gift wrapping option can be selected during your checkout process. Gift wrapping, places your leather necklace box into a two-piece textured gift box wrapped with a satin box as shown above.

Our Gift Wrapping option costs an additional $4.95