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Frequently Asked Questions - Mens Earrings

1. What style of diamond stud earring should I choose?

2. How do I determine the best size for me to wear?

3. What sort of quality are the diamonds in these earrings?

4. How do men's earrings differ from earrings for women?

5. What is a 'Claw Prong' setting?

6. Do you sell pairs of earrings for men?

7. If I am not happy with my ordered earring can I return it?

8. How do the men's earrings come packaged?

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1. What style of stud earring should I choose?

Selecting the style of earring (square vs. round) is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Usually for a men's earring to have it's intended effect, it should be subtle so that it is not 'in-your-face'. It should be understated but striking, projecting an air of mystery and sexiness.

Most importantly a men's earring should support a faceted diamond of a high quality - which is what will ultimately catch the eye. All our men's diamond studs are of H color [near-colorless, i.e. color (referring to the yellowness you see in poor quality diamonds) is unnoticeable to the unaided eye. This grade offers an excellent value] and SI-1 clarity [SI-1 grade is slightly better than an SI-2 grade. Inclusions can be seen under magnification] which make for a quality diamond with a value price which is faceted for that all important sparkle.

In general a round diamond has more facets due to the cut of the stone which allows for the most refraction of light which results in a greater sparkle. Princess-cut diamonds (square in shape) have less refraction in comparison, due to the cut of the stone. However for a man, this cut is unique in style and has a tendency to stand out again due to this style being less commonly worn.

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2. How do I select the best size of earring to wear?

Size is a matter of personal preference, or more correctly matter of how prominent you want your earring to be.

Our men's diamond studs feature specially designed settings for wear by men which are different to those worn by women. The primary difference in the setting which supports the diamond, is that it is shallow in design so that it can be worn 'flush' or close to the ear, without too much protrusion (sticking out) making it very sleek for the wearer.

The casting is also designed for maximum light entry so that despite it's shallow structure the sparkle or brilliance of the diamond is not muted.

Below you can see a visual approximation of how the physical sizes of each stud will differ by carat weight, which is how our men's diamond studs are graded.

Princess-cut (square-cut) diamond studs:

Men's Princess Cut Earrings

Round-cut diamond studs:

Men's Round Diamond Earrings

Note: ě = diameter

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3. What type of quality are the diamonds?

The diamonds used in our men's earrings are wide-faced faceted diamonds of H color and SI-1 clarity.

H Color - diamonds are 'near colorless'. Color in a diamond can be visibly seen as a yellowish hue in stones of a poor grade and lessen the refractive properties of the diamond reducing the sparkle or 'fire' of the diamond. The color scale for diamonds ranges from D (indicating complete colorlessness) to Z (which indicates a distinct yellow-brown or grayish cast).

SI-1 Clarity - Clarity refers to the inclusions present in a diamond (i.e. scratches, trace minerals or other characteristics that take away from the beauty of the stone). The higher the Clarity grade, the more clear and valuable the diamond. For diamonds in jewelry, grades F through SI inclusions (internal flaws) are NOT visible to the naked eye.

The grade "SI" refers to "Slightly Included" or "Slightly Imperfect". An SI1 grade is slightly better than an SI2 grade. Inclusions can be seen under magnification and may be visible with the unaided eye. These diamonds offer an excellent value for the price and quality.

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4. How do men's earrings differ from women's earrings?

Several jewelers sell the same style of earring to both men and women, however at Shimmer & Stone, our men's diamond stud earrings are specially designed for men.

Firstly - women's stud earrings are deep prong or bezel set, so they tend to protrude out from the ear. Our men's diamond studs, in contrast, feature a specially crafted 'shallow' setting which minimizes the protrusion of the stud from the ear.

The effect is such that the earring can be worn close or 'flush' against the ear. This makes the earring more subtle when worn providing for crisper look.

Secondly - the men's earring casting is designed for maximum light entry to compensate for the shallow setting. Traditional 'deeper' settings are normally used in ladies earrings which permits more light to pass through allowing for more sparkle from a diamond.

In order to maximize the brilliance in our men's earrings the shallow design setting has 'light-grooves' which allows for more light to enter and pass through the diamond to maintain the sparkle expected from the diamond.

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5. What is a "Claw Prong" setting?

The "Claw Prong" setting has been specially designed by HIS« for their men's Black Diamond earring collection. This unusual, yet striking earring setting features three claw-like prongs, somewhat resembling the talons of an eagle which essentially grasp the diamond.

This setting is designed to allow a maximum flow of light to reflect off the facets of the black diamond (which is essentially opaque in nature thus allowing for little or no refraction - which makes for the sparkle seen in a regular clear diamond). The claw design minimizes coverage of the face of the diamond exposing more facets of the diamond and is crafted in 'Blackened' 14k white gold which complements and brings out the beauty of this unique stone.

This claw prong setting is also shallow in depth allowing the diamond earring to be worn closer to the ear minimizing protrusion, which is more masculine and subtle in style.

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Mens Claw Prong Setting

6. Do you sell pairs of earrings for men?

At this time all our men's diamond stud earrings are sold as single studs for wear on either right or left ear.

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7. If I am not happy with the my purchase can I return it?

Yes you can - we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and if you are unhappy with your earrings you have up to 30-days (from receipt of your order) to return your order for a full refund of the purchase price as per your invoice*. Unfortunately and shipping or taxes will not be refunded. For more details on our 30-day return policy, please click here.

* Returned items will only qualify for a refund only if they are returned in their original, undamaged condition with it's packaging intact. Should an item be returned after wear and shows visible scratches and discoloration due to use, the return will not qualify for a refund, even if it is sent back.

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8. How do the men's earrings come packaged?

Each men's diamond earring comes packaged in a black textured leather box as shown.

If your purchase is intended as a gift, we would like to suggest our gift-boxing option available at $4.95, where we will package your order (and it's box) into a textured black gift box, tied with a white satin ribbon. To view our gift-boxing please click here.

Each gift boxed item comes with a complementary gift card, where you can include a gift message.

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