Dog Tag Engraving

Engraving Options

At Shimmer & Stone we offer two formats of engraving on our dog tag necklaces:

We DO NOT offer photo engraving or "photo layering" on our dog tags

Text Engraving

Text engraving is the most popular format of engraving requested on our dog tag necklaces. The most popular types of text engraving done on dog tag necklaces are:

  • Inscriptions
  • Initials (Creating a sort of monogram effect but with all the initials being of the same size).

Inscription Engraving on Dog Tags:

An inscription is a any text that is engraved. Your inscription could be a name, a phrase, a number etc. Each dog tag necklace available at Shimmer & Stone has various engraving options which enable to customize your inscription such as:

  1. Font Type (Roman Font, Block Font, Script Font etc.)
  2. Orientation: Horizontal (Shown Below) OR Vertical (One character directly below the other
  3. Number of Lines: Engrave on multiple lines
  4. Number of Characters: Each dog tag has a character limitation (i.e. maximum number of characters).

You can find all the available options of a particular dog tag necklace on that item's page by clicking the "VIEW ENGRAVING DETAILS" link. some dog tag necklaces have several options, others have very limited options due to the nature of the dog tag.

Roman Inscription

Roman Font / Horizontal Orientation

Block Inscription

Block Font / Horizontal Orientation

Script Inscription

Script Font / Horizontal Orientation

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Initial Engraving on Dog Tags:

Initials are similar to a monogram except that all three initials/letters will be of the same size when engraved. Traditionally periods are used to separate initials, however it is a matter of personal preference. Initials will be centered on the dog tag being engraved, and sized for an appropriate balanced fit. Below are approximate examples of initials engraved on dog tags in the available fonts.

Roman Initials

Roman Font Initials

Block Initials

Block Font Initials

Script Initials

Script Font Initials

Old English Initials

Old English Font Initials

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Custom Line Engraving

Certain dog tag necklaces at Shimmer & Stone can be 'Custom Line Engraved'. Custom Line Engraving refers to special engraving requests such as handwritten messages, hand sketches, specialized line logos etc. Any line drawn or computer generated image or text can be engraved.

Please note that ONLY line sketches can be engraved. For example, a circle that is filled with black will only appear engraved as the outline of the circle.

Custom line engraving costs a little more than regular text engraving because an engraving plate of your submission has to be made before engraving. There is a flat $35.00 charge for the plate construction and engraving.

We recommend that all custom line art submissions are rendered in black ink on a white background. To submit your custom line engraving send it to us either as picture (We recommend a .jpg image) or as a .pdf file via email. Please do not forget to note your order number to the subject line and make any notes that you require. You can also fax over your illustration to us at + 1 212 564 9574.

Signature Engraving

Signature Engraved

Hanwritten Engraving

Handwriting Engraved

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Submitting Your Engraving Online

To submit your engraving, type in your text into the fields provided on the item page.

Inscription Engraving

  1. Select your preferred engraving font from the drop down menu.
  2. Type in your engraving on each line provided AS YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR once engraved.
  3. Add to Shopping Bag and proceed to checkout.

Inscription Engraving

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Initials Engraving

  1. Select your preferred engraving font from the drop down menu.
  2. Type in your preferred initials IN THE ORDER YOU WANT THEM TO APPEAR when engraved, in the field provided for "Engraving Text" on the item detail page. (You can also include periods between the letters for effect).

Initial Monogram

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Custom Line Engraving

  1. Select "Custom Engraving" as your engraving font.
  2. Add to Shopping Bag and place your order.
  3. Note down your order number (shimmerandstone-xxxx).
  4. Write/draw or print out your required engraving in black ink on a white piece of paper and:

    (a) Fax it to us at (212)564-9574, please remember to write down your name and order number on the piece of paper along with your contact number.

    (b) Scan it to your computer and save it as a graphic file (.jpg, .tiff, .png) or as a .pdf file and email it to us at, please add your order number to the email along with your name and contact number.

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Dog Tag Engraving Processing Time

Please allow an additional 1-2 business days for us to process the engraving on your dog tag necklace.


  • Order on Monday . . . . . Ships on Wednesday
  • Order on Tuesday . . . . Ships on Thursday
  • Order on Wednesday . . . . Ships on Friday
  • Order on Thursday . . . Ships on Monday
  • Order on Friday . . . Ships on Tuesday
  • Order on Saturday . . . Ships on Tuesday
  • Order on Sunday . . . Ships on Tuesday

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

Engraving Quality Assurance

Although we DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS on dog tag necklaces once they have been engraved, we do however, guarantee that the text engraving on your dog tags will be accurate to what you have submitted in your order. If we have made an engraving error such as a spelling mistake or if the engraved dog tags are received structurally damaged due to improper handling while in transit we will replace your order or re-engrave your dog tag necklace order at no additional cost.

Questions: 1 888 85 STONE OR +1 212 564 9175

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